Iraqi Freedom

On 20th March 2003, the United States, UK and other coalition forces marched into Iraq. 10 years later, Alexander Green asks: was it worth it?


Despite his anti-US rhetoric and unsavoury friendships, Alexander Green argues Hugo Chavez’s foreign policy was both necessary and beneficial to Latin America…


Europe’s far-right is on the rise, yet – despite dangerous signs – Alexander Green assess that the risk is not yet imminent…


In the wake of Hugo Chavez’s death, Alexander Green argues that this enigmatic leader was far from being a despot

Election Night

Live blog of SUSU 2013 Elections Results Night – Live From The Cube


With voting officially closed, we look at who the favorites are for the Sabbatical positions before Election Results are announced tonight.


Voting is now closed, so here’s a handy guide to the AV system, how it works, its pro & cons and why tactical voting doesn’t work


After two weeks of campaigning, voting in the 2013 SUSU Student Elections has will close in one hour!

Mike Thornton

The Lib Dems have held onto the key seat in the Eastleigh by-election, but UKIP surge past the Conservatives to finish second


With three current two-year Sabbs and one re-running in this year’s election, Alexander Green discusses whether Sabbatical Officers should be allowed to re-run…