Alex Marshall, LGB Champion of the Year

Hampshire named ‘top police force 2013′ for LGB people, and its Chief Constable is awarded LGB Champion of the Year title by Stonewall.

Credit to Mark Johnson @mjhants

West Quay was evacuated this morning, after a fire alarm set off. Firefighters were quickly …

University of Iowa

The University of Iowa is the first public institution to ask student application if they are gay, bisexual or transgender. Will this do more bad than good?


The first gay-friendly Mosque has been opened in Paris, at a secret location, sparking controversy with Islamic leaders who claim homosexuality is not welcome in Islam.

Megard Segona

Uganda’s Anti-Homosexuality Bill, likely to go before lawmakers in coming days, is to no longer include the death penalty.


Speaker of the Ugandan government has promised to pass the anti-gay bill by the end of 2012.

Image by Marta Beltowska

If you are paying more to be at university, do you deserve a better quality …

call me kuchu

Amy Ashenden discusses how a recently released documentary, “Call Me Kuchu,” is a sore reminder of Uganda’s lack of LGBT rights progress in comparison to the freedom we possess as UK citizens.

cardinal keith o brien

Cardinal Keith O’Brien was voted Bigot of the Year Award at a ceremony run by LGBT charity Stonewall on Thursday evening, after controversy provoked amongst Catholic leaders who demanded Barclays and Coutts withdraw sponsorship over the category.


Gay Conversion Therapy is investigated, as the phenomenon proves to be rife amongst young American LGBTs and is threatened to make its way to the UK.