Mexico guidebooks

Travel editor Anna Jenkins rounds up some of the best travel guides to give you a hand deciding which is best to keep you company on your travels this summer.


Travel Editor Anna Jenkins writes how Oxfam could be a gateway to getting to a multitude of UK festivals this summer!

Greek Lamb

This week’s recipe is inspired by my upcoming travels in Greece. I decided to cook …

Mango mustard chicken

Next up in our Student Recipe of the Week series: Mango and Mustard Chicken!

photo (1)

The latest in our recipe series and a favourite of many students: Chilli con Carne!

Text BEAT#

Anna Jenkins discusses the new craze of “no make-up” selfies.

Thai Green CurryII

The latest in our Student Recipe of the Week instalment: Thai Green Curry!


Falafel is traditionally a middle-eastern street food, but can be easily made in a student …

Nasi Goreng

An Indonesian dish sure to get those taste buds going!