tim peake

Every sector within society is facing cutbacks and the budgets for science and the environment are no different. Yet with such cuts what is the impact on society and the UK economy?

john cleese and lemur

Some light-hearted Bank Holiday fun, which proves scientists really do have a sense of humour. So can you guess what species and celebrities share the same name?

Blackout 2013

The second annual Blackout event was last Friday and the meter readings are in and the maths has been calculated. Turning off unused electronic devices saved £287 and 1.2 tonnes of carbon dioxide in one night! Showing the switch off message is finally getting through!

OES Careers 2013

The University of Southampton is known for its strong links between the students and industry but this week this link was strengthened with a student organising the careers fair for the entire school of Earth and Ocean Science.


It’s finally here the briefing has started! Nearly 300 students including Winchester and Avenue Campus 2nd …

NOC with permissions from the iGEM

A blaze has damaged an autosub within one of the workshops at the NOC

ukycc image courtesy of UKYCC

In this the edition of the Wessex Scene , Science and Environment Editor Claire Critchley interviews Shareen Elnagy, the leader of Southampton’s Catalysts within the UK Youth Climate Coalition to get the lowdown on what they do and how it impacts you.

josie torrice

VP Welfare Candidate Josie Torrice

josh cox

What makes VP Welfare candidate Josh Cox tick and what does he want to change?

sophie brewe

VP Welfare Candidate Sophie Brewer