Since starting University, I have come across a lot of students from all walks of life with different characters and interests. However, one thing which I found particularly fascinating is that we all – with the exception of a very small minority – share one thing in common. A love for cheese.

This sudden realisation occurred after countless periods of boredom and procrastination spent staring at the contents of the fridge. After a while, I noticed that every  designated shelf bar one included some kind of cheese product.  The most popular, as you may have guessed, is Cheddar (although my Cypriot flatmate’s drawer in the freezer consisting – I kid you not – of only Halloumi cheese does make up for it quite a bit).

'Mac Loves Cheese': But Student Does Too

‘Mac Loves Cheese': But Student Does Too

But why is cheese so popular? Surely it isn’t all down to the attraction that it must sit and mature for several months…

Perhaps because cheese is so versatile; you could have it with potentially anything. Well, apart from pudding (but wouldn’t cheesecake count?). Cheese plays a part in everyone’s favourite student dishes, for example macaroni cheese, lasagne and pizza…it’s also vegetarian friendly, kind to the lactose intolerant and there is nothing quite like that cheeky grated sprinkling to give your home-made spaghetti sauce that certain je ne sais quoi.

Of course cheese makes a great snack too, especially when you are on the go, and it can be complemented with toast, crackers, fruit. Not to mention smack bang in the middle of two pieces of bread to make that good old standard cheese sandwich (adorned with plenty of pickle, perhaps?).

Cheese and wine tasting sessions. You would have thought that students were indulging in less classier activities, but apparently not.

For many, the attraction to cheese may also be because of the range of different varieties on offer. A Serious Cheese Eater will know that choosing between cheeses isn’t like buying a packet of pasta. Despite the many different shapes and sizes on offer, pasta is all just the same really, isn’t it? Cheese is much more refined, originating from many different parts of the UK, as well as the world. Varieties come in so many different shapes and sizes, a scale of strength in taste and many authentic textures. There are different cheeses in different colours,  some even with added ingredients. If it’s your style – a combination with cranberries does exist – then each to their own, I guess.

More prominently, is it possible that you can tell a person by their cheese preference? For me, it’s never quite Christmas without that certain Stilton Blue, but I’d always stay clear of Red Leicester. Nevertheless, I have also branched out of my Standard English cheese comfort zone and enjoy varieties from across the pond: Brie, Camembert and Fromage de Chèvre (it’s not just goats’ cheese, it’s French goats’ cheese). However, I am still yet to try the cheese which shares my name (Cheshire cheese); according to reports on it’s rich, but much more crumbly than standard Cheddar and bearing an ‘excellent aftertaste’.


We all know Wallace loves Wensleydale…but what’s your preference?

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