My Favourite UK Fashion Bloggers


Since 2009, I’ve been an avid reader of blogs!  I love to read lifestyle, beauty and fashion related content and be inspired by my favourite bloggers, who I’d like to introduce to you!In the Scene logo

1. Lily Melrose of

Lily Melrose

Lily’s blog was the first one I started to read regularly, way back in 2009! I’m a fan of her consistently chic outfit posts and weekly ‘Sunday Posts’ about what she’s been up to. Living in London, Lily shares her enviable experiences of press events (LFW!) and the best places to visit in the city. She now runs two blogs, and, which focuses on lifestyle and beauty posts. In addition, Lily regularly posts videos on her YouTube channel,

2. Arabella G of

I was drawn to Arabella’s blog because of her amazing, sophisticated style! She’s not afraid of opulence or dressing up for the day and her outfits are always fabulous. Arabella’s love of clothing is clear and she has fun with fashion! If, like me, you’re a fan of prints and oversized jewels, then head on over to Arabella’s blog for some inspiration.
3. Olivia of What Olivia Did

Another blog I’m a huge fan of is She mixes vintage, 60s inspired fashions with ‘modern’ looks, resulting in amazing outfit posts! Olivia also posts about where she’s been and what she’s been up to; she’s lucky enough to visit Paris frequently! In addition to fashion and beauty posts, Olivia also blogs about food, sharing her favourite baking and cooking recipes.


4. Kavita of

I’m such a fan of Kavita’s style! She switches between grunge inspired looks and demure blouses while always looking perfectly chic!

Do you follow any fashion blogs, or blog yourself? Let us know!


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