The role of VP Sports is responsible for all of the Union’s sporting groups, facilities, and societies. The role covers areas  such as competitive and elite sport; intra-mural sports; and the Athletic Union. Some of the key parts of the role include encouraging student participation in sports;  managing sports facilities and groups; and endeavouring to maintain a high level of sporting performance.

Candidate no. 1:



katie lightowler

Name: Katie Lightowler

Subject: Geography

Experience: I’m  part of 4 different AU teams and play competitively for 3 out of 4 in BUCS. I am on the committee for Ladies Lacrosse and have been a Union Councilor who has sat on Sports Zone helping to allocate funding. I have also got an established good relationship with Sport and Wellbeing owing to my job there.

Main Manifesto Points:

Main aim: to enhance the sporting experience of all students and improve our overall sporting performance. I will do this by:

  • Improving the link between AU clubs, Intra-mural clubs and recreation
  • Raising the profile of Team Southampton on campus and in wider community e.g. by encouraging more links with local schools and making Southampton kit available in SUSU shop
  • Improvements for match day travel. I will do this by working to align all of our matches with BUCS over the summer to make travel to matches that are further afield cheaper (as you can share with other teams) and more sociable
  • Strive for flexibility in match day lecture timetabling for AU clubs – working to get lectures put online and to have less compulsory lectures after 11. Students shouldn’t have to choose between their sport and their course.
  • Increasing student-involvement in running Intra-mural. This will be helped by the set up of the Intra-mural committee


Is there anything the current Sabb has done that you would have done differently?  Promote the Athletic Union through media much more. There is a lot of potential for Team Southampton to become more united through social media and it would help in other areas.

What sets you apart? I have a strong AU background and completely understand many of the issues that are faced by AU clubs as I have experienced them myself. However, this does not mean that I am ignorant of intra-mural issues, gym issues, Winchester, medics who are limited in playing University sport, or internationals. My main aim is to get sport PRIORITISED at the University so that these issues can be properly tackled. I feel that before this is done, help cannot be given to everyone!

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