#Disaster: When Twitter Campaigns Go Wrong


Yesterday, VH1 launched an #AskThicke Twitter Q+A, asking users to tweet questions to controversial singer Robin Thicke – and people were not kind.

In light of #AskThicke, I’ve summed up some of the best hashtag blunders from Twitter.

Via Mashable
Via Mashable

1) #AskBGHead in Hands

Back in October, British Gas innocently tweeted,

We are here with our Customer Service Director, Bert Pijls, answering your questions until 2pm #AskBG

This would have been a great idea, if, British Gas hadn’t raised their prices by 9.2% the same day.

Lee Vincent tweeted

Hi Bert, which items of furniture do you, in your humble opinion, think people should burn first this winter?

@wolftic mocked

I’m having to burn all the junk mail you send me in order to keep warm

2) #WaitroseReasons. In 2012, posh supermarket chain took to twitter asking it’s customers 

Finish the sentence: ‘I shop at Waitrose because…’ #WaitroseReasons.

Genuine responses were few and far between.

Via Twitter
Via Twitter




Waitrose store


3) #McDStories. When McDonalds USA tweeted


the hashtag took off , but McDonalds customers weren’t loving it.


One time I walked into McDonalds and I could smell Type 2 diabetes floating in the air and I threw up.  – @SkipSullivan

Hospitalized for food poisoning after eating McDonalds in 1989. Never ate there again nd became a Vegetarian. Should have Sued #McDStories – @alice_212

Animal rights group Peta chipped in:

: Liquid chicken nuggets Who’s hungry for ?

To add the icing on the McFlurry, this was a sponsored hashtag, meaning McDonalds paid for there own demise. Maybe stick to hash browns instead McDonalds.

4) #WhyImVotingUKIP. 

In time for the EU Elections in May, The UK Independence party launched the #WhyI’mVotingUkip



The responses were so hilarious, an @WhyImVotingUkip twitter handle was set up.


Because I’m fed-up of foreigners coming over & denying hard-working British people the right to be Nigel Farage’s wife. – @elizabday

Because the weather’s really starting to pick up, and I don’t want it ruined by gays. – @vikkistone

because I’m pretty sure Nigel Farage is actually a Sasha Baron Cohen spoof character and I’d like to see this play out.- @Dom_Saunders

because I want to be able to pronounce the names of the people in my maths papers. – @WhyImVotingUKIP

because I know that a public school educated stockbroker is an anti establishment figure – @loveandgarbage

because voting far right and blaming minorities after an economic downturn worked so well before, let’s try that again – @YouMustBeAnna


5) #RimJob

Yes, really.BlackBerry

Blackberry, the smart phone maker launched this hashtag to promote 6000 jobs it had going in ‘Research In Motion’. For those of you unfamiliar with the term, I refer you to Urban Dictionary.


7) #susanalbumparty

This is my all-time favourite.

In November 2012, @SusanBoyleHQ used the hashtag #SusanAlbumParty to promote the Britain’s Got Talent runner up’s new album. Unfortunately for SuBo, the twitter-sphere interpreted it differently.



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