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With David Cameron’s recent appointments to the House of Lords proving controversial, Toby Leveson decided to look at just what the House of Lords is, who they are, and what they do.

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From Issue 1, International Editor Cameron Ridgway investigates the situation for asylum seekers in the Southampton Area and nationally, many of whom receive little financial support from the government.

George Thom
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Black History month is a month to honour and celebrate the achievements of important and influential figures throughout black history. Throughout the month of October, festivals take place, lessons and assemblies are taught in school, and there is an increase in documentaries and radio programmes surrounding the topic of Black History.

jordan stewart
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When Britain has been dismissed as diplomatically irrelevant and a ‘small island that no one listens to’ in recent years, our Prime Minister has been quick to defend his country as one that remains a global power. From our Black History Month magazine.