Chilli White Club Needs a Nanny for Drunks, Say Police


Southampton’s premier club, Chilli White, has been criticised by police for its contribution to the high number of drunks roaming the streets of the city in the early hours.

Chilli White, which is popular with students from both universities in Southampton, has come under fire following reports from officers stating that the club is not doing enough to prevent drunkenness. Individuals leaving the club can go on to cause fights and engage in anti-social behaviour which disrupt the local community.

In response to this police have suggested the club employ a ‘nanny’ to survey individuals in the club and remove them when they are becoming too drunk. Officers have also recommended that there is increased staff training, and that ID scanners and an earlier ‘last orders’ system are introduced.

Chilli White is just one club of many to have been criticised in the local area. Earlier this year, popular student haunt So-bar was banned from selling quadvods as their £2 price tag had led to increased drunk and disorderly behaviour.

Officers have asked the city council to review the club’s licence following increased concern over alchohol misuse, of which drink promotions are a fundamental cause. Chilli White, formerly Bliss Clubrooms, received similar complaints after a string of incidents during the summer, but bosses persuaded the council they could change the club’s image and the conduct of its patrons.

In response to the debate, student of biomedical science Sarah said:

“Closing Chilli White won’t stop drunk and disorderly behaviour. I think it is likely the negatives are more obvious with Chilli White simply because it holds more people – a flood of drunks at 2am is going to get police attention. However, they by no means have the cheapest prices and to tackle this the council will have to consider all venues, not just one.”

Club bosses are hoping they can reach an agreement with police ahead of their council hearing next Thursday.




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