It was recently confirmed that after months of fighting with the City
Council, Sainbury’s will be allowed to extend their opening hours Monday to Friday to 7am to 11pm.

Sainsbury’s Portswood

The Wessex Scene are able to report that the extension of opening hours will come in to effect on the 25th November 2012! This means the store will now be open for 16 hours a day and students will be able to do shopping late in to the night. But what affect is this going to have on the local businesses? There has already been a threat to the local Co-operative which was going to shut down due to poor sales while the students were away, however trade seems to have picked up.

Sainsbury’s already make up to £900,000 a week in store and it is likely that the extension of opening hours will only increase this figure- is there the potential for new jobs in the area?

The Wessex Scene wants to hear from you. What are your opinions on this extension of trading and what effects do you think it could have on the local area? Comment below or contact

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  • lesgibbo

    That place Sainsbury’s, spews plastic orange bags more fluently than do students on a mega-night out, like diarrohea the bags flow from the store in differant directions. Boycott the place.
    Whatever happened to students having backbone or ethical shopping.


  • murdoch

    lol Josh Cox works for sainsburys portswood as a pr. conflict of interest much?