Laptops stolen from the Annex during PA rehearsal


Yesterday evening during a rehearsal of the Showstoppers’ Winter Showcase, thieves stole from students as they were performing on stage in the Annex.

During the rehearsal of the Performing Arts (PA) show, while cast members were in the main Annex lecture theatre performing on stage, 3 people broke into the second lecture theatre which is joined to it, colloquially know as ‘the green room’.

Joe Hart, one of those who had his laptop stolen said:

‘3 guys stole a bunch of laptops and a wallet or two out of the annex green room while we were rehearsing’

Ben McDonagh and Nathan Clement, members of StageSoc, the society who are responsible for backstage work and who provide technical support for all PA shows, chased after the thieves and were joined by other members of PA such as Joe Hart, who were only 30m behind them.

1 laptop was recovered during the chase which the assailants had thrown in a hedge.  Police have arrested 3 and have recovered some more of the stolen goods.

Surge News talked to some of the PA who were present during the robbery and also got some advice from Chloe Green VP Welfare and Communities.

The Wessex Scene will update with more information when it becomes available.


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