One of the big aims for E&E Committee this year was to raise awareness of ethical issues that surround day to day life. Ethics Week runs from 4th to 8th of February and hopes to raise awareness of many of today’s ethical issues! On the concourse from 10-4 throughout the week, the committee highlight 4 key ethical issues with the aim of increasing involvement! 

Monday 4th February – Ethical Shopping
Come and learn about all the ways that you can shop ethically in SUSU. It sees the launch of the new Green Label, giving you information on what you can buy, where you can buy it and how you can get involved in the project.

Tuesday 5th February – Finance
Tuesday sees the committee team up with The Advice Centre to provide students with information about payday loans. Come along and guess just how much you might have to pay back, get some great finance information and be in with the chance of winning a meal for four in the Bridge!

Thursday 7th February – Volunteering and International Development
Come and find out about how you can volunteer in SUSU, the local community and the wider world! RAG will be here and there will be lots of information about how you can launch your own projects to help the local and wider community! In the evening there will be a meeting in the Bridge to talk about the Green Label and how you can get involved with the project!

Friday 8th February – Ethical Shopping
Friday sees the launch of Southampton Swap Shop! There will be loads of information on how you can keep your fashion ethical. There will also be the chance to work out what your slavery footprint is and see how your day to day actions lead to slavery.

Ethics affects everyone! This week hopes to highlight some of the key areas of Ethics that you can get involved in at SUSU. Come to the concourse between 10am and 4pm with surprise giveaways throughout the week! If you’re interested in discussing the issues around business ethics then come along to Union Council on the Monday where we will be discussing what involvement SUSU should have with companies who are deemed unethical!

ethics week

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