Southampton Professor Paul Tyler Recognised in New Year Honours


paul tyler

Professor Paul Tyler, who has recently retired after 25 years at the University of Southampton, has been made an MBE for his contribution to deep-sea biology.

Over the years Paul has played a key part in the field of deep-sea biology, a field that has developed quickly over the past several decades due to advances in technology. The deep-sea environment is one of the largest ecosystems on the planet, and yet one of the most inaccessible and understudied.

Professor Tyler’s research has looked at the animals that live in the pitch black of the deep-sea, and has included some of the weird and wonderful species that live at hydrothermal vents and other extreme environments.

We are so lucky to have been lectured by him in his final year of teaching. You can tell from the enthusiasm and depth of knowledge within his lectures that he has led a life full of great experiences.

Emily Young
Fourth year student of Marine Biology at Southampton University

As commercial ventures such as fishing and mining expand into the deep-sea, the research conducted by Professor Tyler and other scientists in the field is vital to understanding how human ventures may threaten these communities, and how we can best protect some of the most unique ecosystems on the planet.

As well as spearheading the frontiers of science, Professor Tyler has had an important role in the education of the next generation of scientists; teaching and inspiring students of marine biology at the University of Southampton.


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