Hello everyone and welcome to the Wessex Scene’s coverage of the 2014 SUSU elections results! We’ve camped out in the Union building to bring you up-to-the-minute updates from the night. Fingers crossed everything will run smoothly.


And with that it’s time to bid you all adieu. We hope you enjoyed our coverage and you can expect post-elections material in the coming days.

So longfarewellauf Wiedersehen, good night.


Unsurprisingly the Presidential race was hotly contested, with over 4000 votes.


David Mendoza-Wolfson will be President next year. Cue the inevitable Simpsons ‘Mendoza” references.


The winning Student Trustees are Jade Head, Will Yeong, Leon Rea and Samrand Salih.


Who will be President next year? YOU….. will find out very shortly.


The Last and Largest Section for Tonight! Result of President Will Be Out SoooooooN! Stick to Us


Katie Lightowler is your VP Sports Development 2014-2015!


Here comes your VP Sports Student Leaders:

  • Evan Whyte for Athletic Union Officer
  • Lucy Dowdall for Sports Participation Officer
  • Jamie Wilson for Intra-Mural Officer

Congratulations to all elected Officers!


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Congratulations to Ellie Cawthera Elected VP Engagement 2014-2015

Great Campaign Done By Other Competing Candidates Too! Great Job Lads


Your VP Engagement Student Leaders Are:

  • Mayan Al-Shalkah for Community Volunteering Officer
  • Jenny Bortoluzzi for Raise and Give Officer


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Massive Congratzc Again To Our Features Editor (Na)Tahlie Cooper for Elected Editor-in-Cheif for Wessex Scene 2014 – 2015


Your VP Welfare 2014 – 2015 Will Be:

Beckie Thomas


Your VP Welfare Student Leaders 2014-2015 Are As Follows:

Ethical and Environmental Officer: Lydia Butler

Nightline Officer: Emily Shepherd

Well-Being Officer: Holley Barclay



Your new VP for Democracy & Creative Industries is Megan Downing.


Your DCI Student Leaders have been announced! The Democracy & Creative Industries team for 2014/15 is:

  • Performing Arts Officer: Anna Kent-Muller
  • Student Groups Officer: Chris McGeehan
  • Surge Radio Station Manager: Hannah Mylrea Hemmings
  • SUSUtv Station Manager: Joanna Sheldon
  • Union Films Cinema Manager: Soph Isherwood
  • Wessex Scene Editor: Natahlie Cooper


Democracy and Creative Industries up next. Who will have the privilege of censoring us next year?


Once again, we can only apologise for the sluggish state of our liveblog.


Your new VP Education is Sophia D’Angelico!


Your new Education Student Leaders are Giles Howard (Physical Sciences & Engineering), Gemma Peacock (Health Sciences), Shruti Verma (Engineering & Environment) and Stephanie Kritikou (Business & Law)!


Apologies for technical difficulties on our live-blog. The new Communities Student Leaders are Ioan Alexandru Barbu (Postgraduate Research Students’ Officer), Frankie Mouat (JCR Officer) and Shailesh Agarwal (International Students’ Officer).


A total of 6517 votes for SUSU – and Oli Coles is your new VP Communities!


Sound problems on SUSUtv mean the candidates are currently lip-synching to nothing – should be fixed soon!


And it begins! … with the lipdub.


30 seconds – hair tucked firmly behind the ears, waiting for some serious speed-typing. SUSUtv’s live countdown can be found here!


This must be what it feels like to watch the countdown at Cape Canaveral.


We’ve been given a ten-minute countdown – we assume that’s until it goes live, rather than just until the next countdown.


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So… anybody know any good elections-related drinking games?


Things are busy outside the Cube – it’s a combination of candidates and campaign teams waiting for the action to start. A certain amount of alcohol (medicinal, I’m sure) is being consumed to calm nerves.


Drink has arrived. Everything is right with the world.


I think SUSU.tv need to invest in a snappier ‘We are experiencing technical difficulties’ screensaver.


The Student Communities Zone Student Leaders will be announced first, followed by VP Student Communities. Seeing as the VP showdown is an all-male affair, which side do you think will be hearing the lamentations of their women?


Still nothing on the broadcast front, although if they’re working with the same servers as us that’s no surprise. Apologies for the slow updates.


Just overheard some salty language from one of the candidates for DCI. No names….


We’ve already been interviewing some candidates tonight! Check out the interviews on our Candidates Live Interviews to hear about how nervous they are – and to hear their thoughts on their opponents…


While we wait for the proceedings to begin we’d like to invite you to get in contact with us through Twitter @WessexScene and #votesusu


We’ve just got our first few blasts of music from the Cube. Let’s hope things will be starting on time – broadcast due to begin in 10-15 minutes.

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