SUSU have confirmed Emily Shepherd remains a candidate for the role of Nightline Officer following an attempt at impersonation.

This clarification comes after a previous statement from SUSU that the candidate in question had withdrawn from the race. However SUSU now say that action had been taken following a spoof email they received. This claimed that Emily Shepherd was withdrawing from the race.

SUSU has offered the following response to these events:

The independent Returning Officer has decided that the election will continue until the close of voting. After voting has closed, we will then establish if the number of votes cast during the two-hour period (during which Emily was incorrectly marked as withdrawn) could have affected the result. The Returning Officer will then make a decision as to whether to re-run the election, or not.

Further details from SUSU can be found here.

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  • Anon

    This is such a horrible thing to do, can the person’s IP address be tracked down? I hope it doesn’t affect the results.