ComedySoc Raises Over £800 For RAG


Despite only having 20 or so members, SUSU Comedy Society managed to raise a huge total of £850 for RAG during the ‘Big Give’ period.

The society put on an event in the Annex called ‘RAG Against the Machine’, as well as two smaller shows at Glen Eyre and Monte, and did shifts with collection buckets in order to reach their total.

Society President Jed Marshall said:

“We decided this year that your main show would be for a great cause, every darn penny spent on tickets went to RAG with the society paying for the tech costs. I am a hugely proud president of a group of 20ish people who managed to raise £850. Hopefully this will become a yearly tradition for Comedy Soc.”

The Edge’s review of the main show can be found here, and you can watch the sketches from the night on the ComedySoc YouTube playlist.


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