Pixie Lott Headlines Graduation Ball 2012


Pixie Lott has been announced as the Headline Act for Grad Ball 2012

The 21 year old has a string of Number One hits, including ‘All About Tonight’, which was nominated for a Brit Award this year.

Pixie is also winner of an MTV Europe Music award, and has spent 93 weeks in the chart.

She joins Chesney Hawkes, Chris Stark, The Cuban Brothers, Charlie Baker and Shappi Khorsandi who will be entertaining the crowd at Southampton’s Oceana on the 12th June.

Frankie Fry made the announcement this morning at 11am on the Sabb’s blog.

The initial response to the news has been good, with many students expressing excitement, one student stating that this years headline act is an improvement on the last few years. Past acts include Tynchy Stryder and Feeder.

Tickets will cost £49, and are due to go on sale today, 18th April, at 1pm.


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    Tickets still being £49 is an absolute joke. What happened to the money saved by holding it at the shitheap that is oceana being spent on a wide range of quality acts? The rest of the lineup is mediocre at best, and Chris Stark can’t have cost much.

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    The View of Many

    Agreed, £50 is still way way overpriced for a headline act famous for miming, and having long legs as opposed to any actual talent. If it was £30, maybe, but £50? noway

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    To be honest, I think the Sabbs this year have done their best at organising this event. Finding a venue that can hold that many people and still cater for the likes of everybody by having different acts etc is great. It is a graduation ball, so anywhere you go you can be expected to pay a lot for a ticket because you usually only graduate form University once in your life.

    And when I’m here, everybody who is being so negative about the event can just not go!! I would rather go and spend the night with people who are going to appreciate it for what is it, rather than people like you and others who just keep slagging it off. Got a problem, run for SUSU Pres next year and try to fix it. But for now, why don’t all the negative people just shut the F**k up and enjoy the 12th of June sitting at home while 3,200 students will be having a good time.

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    Doesn’t really look any better that last years, where the only good part was free Dodgems. At £49 as well, it was a complete waste of money and I cannot forgive SUSU for putting on one of the most pathetic nights I have ever had courtesy of SUSU.

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