SUSU announce Justin Bieber for Grad Ball 2013


bieberSUSU have announced Justin Bieber as the headline act for Grad Ball 2013.

The international pop superstar will perform at Oceana in Southampton on Monday 10th June.

Media attention has seen Justin in the headlines during his recent visit to London, with him even vowing never to return to the United Kingdom. But Justin’s motto ‘Never Say Never’ appears to have held true, with him now committing himself to the Grad Ball.Grad Ball - News Blog

Sam Ling, Union President, said: “I’ve always been a huge fan of Justin’s – apart from being an idol to millions, his music is so profound. I’m thrilled that he’s chosen to make SUSU’s Graduation Ball the only UK date in his upcoming summer tour and am confident that he’ll arrive on stage on time.”

Last year, the British singer Pixie Lott headlined the event.

Tickets for Graduation Ball 2013 are £49 and are on sale now to students at the University of Southampton.  They are available on the SUSU Box Office Website or at SUSU Reception.



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    I know it’s not your fault Wessex Scene, you were probably bullied into it by SUSU (like most times), but this is the worst April Fools prank ever. It’s kind of reflective of the ideas that circulate SUSU; shit.

    If SUSU are going to do a joke, then at least make it fairly believable. And while they’re at it, start giving some details on the bloody grad ball. This time last year most of the acts had already been announced, this year we haven’t heard a peep from the Sabb Office.

    Sort it out, Sabbs. And if this is taken as some sort of personal attack (which it’s not), then I’ll make it very clear what “constructive feedback” you’d like:

    – start bloody talking to the students who will be graduating on who they’d like to see at THEY’RE grad ball.

    – Involve those students on the decision making processes on choosing acts.

    – start giving more information on acts earlier, every other bloody Union around the country can manage it (here is Portsmouth’s, for e.g. –

    – stop keeping everything to yourselves and start communicating with the students you’re supposed to represent (you’d probably receive a lot less abuse/trolls/hate if you did this very basic task).

    Sam Ling

    Hi James,

    Thanks for the feedback.

    Appologies if this attempt at a bit of cheeky promo for the lead up to revealing the headliner fell short of your expectations.

    I can assure you that the Wessex scene were not forced to play along, however as always we did give them a heads up, as it was intended to be some light hearted fun.

    On the timing for releasing acts, as with last year it is important not to release acts before they are actually confirmed, and contracts arranged. In part because we’d not be allowed to as a part of the agreements we sign up to, and also because the availability of artists is incredibly dynamic, and it would be frustraiting to be constantly announcing changes due to announcing too early.

    On timing, it may feel later, but actually we’re announcing at exactly the same time as last year, and much earlier than the years before. Last ya the first act was anounced April 5th, and the headliner April 18th, which makes the April 15th announcement 3 days earlier than the year before.

    Nationally is is a fairly early time to release names. Although there are of course always exceptions (Portsmouth for example) its by no means the norm. As soon as we’re able to communicate we will.

    I appreciate that there is a lot of excitement around. The grad ball, and people are keen to know details, and I’m please that we’ll be able to reveal lots of details over the coming fortnight.


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