The Weekly Distraction #54


Happy New Year! Yay, it’s assessment time. Whether you have essays, exams or Job Interviews, make sure you take time to rest, eat and relax…on the internet…just for a few minute though, right? A few more links can’t hurt can they?

Stay Tuned next week for our ultimate Stress Busting Edition of the Weekly Distraction.

Bookshelf Porn

32 Signs You Graduate this Year

Man’s Funny if Slightly Harsh Complaint to Airline After Sitting Next to ‘Infant Hippopotamus’

Over The Top 80’s Cop Movie Kickstarter Advert? Yes, Please!

Country Music All Sounds the Same

Australia Police Free Naked Man Stuck in Washing Machine

Trick Shot Titus 3

Send an E-mail to Future You

Amazing or Creepy T-Rex Illusion

15 Confusing Things You Probably Wouldn’t Want to Start Your Day Off Seeing

Japanese Pranks Don’t Mess About

11 New Life Hacks for the New Year

Drawception: An Arty Game

Jigidi: Online Jigsaws

Relive Your Life: A Rhyming Game of Life

Selfie Shootout

7 Awkward Situations and How to Get Out of Them

I Liked You Better Deaf

21 Things Single People Are Tired of Hearing

Google Tricks

Healthy Versions of Comfort Food

Man Eats Only MacDonalds  for 3 Months and Loses Weight?

The Adventures of a Passed Out Guy

Teeterboard Training


Thanks to Steven Osborn for their contributions.

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