The Weekly Distraction #59


Love is in the air, but you’re on the internet. Time to take your unhealthy relationship with the web to a whole new level.

Canada Wins Winter Olympics

Olympic Puns

Creepy Olympic Mascots

Train Boredom Buster

Post-It Note Art


How to Beat Flappy Bird (Which is now GONE!)

People are Selling iPhones with Flappy Bird. People are Buying Them.

Snakes with Tiny Hats

Cassette Boy vs. David Attenborough
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Scientifically Accurate Flintstones
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29 Misconceptions About Alcohol
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Gary Oldman Sings Timber
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The Best Ways to Tip your Server

Japan: King of Pranks

People Seem to Like This on the Internet. I’ll Let You be the Judge

Stormy Perspective

Brits Battling the Floods

Snow vs Man (SPOILER: Snow Wins)

Air Hockey Robot
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Words That Will Help You Win Scrabble

Beard Art?

Child Thinks He Can Somersault

A Classic: Cat Trying to Jump

Google Searches Cartoon-ified

Sex Positions for the Inebriated

Valentine’s Cards from You to You


Will Ferrell on Innuendo Bingo
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Dubstep Dance Crew
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An Honest Facebook Look Back

Another Honest Facebook Look Back

Thanks to Dimple Vijaykumar, Steven Osborne, Beth Eaton for their contributions.

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