The Weekly Distraction #60


The weathers rubbish and social media is over run with election nonsense. Why not sit back and enjoy the weirdness of the web in the comfort of your bed?

Twitch is STILL Playing Pokemon

This Camera Goes on a Journey

Jimmy Fallon and Will Smith Show the “Evolution of Hip-Hop Dancing”
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Women Laughing Alone with Salad

Snowboarding in NYC: Insane or Insensitive?

Kiss Cam Fail

POV of the Sochi Luge Track


The Perfect Way to Watch Winter Sports
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The Olympic Diet

Does Sex Affect Athletic Performance?

Guy Just Sits and Watches People Slip on Ice

Adopted Twins Separated at Birth Find Out About Each Other By Chance
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Giving Roses to Strangers from Strangers Prank
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Durham Academy Weather Announcement

How Does Simpsons Sound in Other Countries
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Cinematics: An Animated Guide Through Film History

The ENTIRE Toy Story Film Re-Enacted by Toys

Figure Skating Faces

Sketching Out Life in Tokyo

Dave Pollot Adds Pop Culture Icons and Characters to Old Thrift Shop Paintings


If Pixar Made R-Rated Movies Scenes into Children’s Books…

Proof Love Knows No Bounds

Erotic Books Borrowing At A High

BBC Uses Amazing Headline Pun for Drain Blockage

Christina Bianco and Her Divas are Back

More Adorable Versions of This Bloody Song


And Finally

Thanks to Dimple Vijaykumar, Steven Osborne, Beth Eaton, Amy Sandys, Hebe Neate-Clegg and Hannah Mylrea for their contributions.

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Featured Image sourced from BBC


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