The Weekly Distraction #61


When is an opening not an opening? When it’s Ajar!
I don’t know, write your own intro.

This Toy Story Theory Is Amazing!

Finding Nemo Gets Unnecessarily Censored

An Amazing Tongue Twister Alphabet Rap

Babies Discovering Things for the First Time
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AC/DC Cello Cover

Squirrel Steals a Plane

Fallon ans Timberlake Bring Us The History of Rap 5

Turkish Car Insurance Meets Street Fighter

Human Loop the Loop

Norway Seems Nice
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A Couple Breaks Up in 154 Movie Titles

If Disney Characters Met on Tinder

South Korean Photo Day Lets Students Dress How They Want

Guy Draws Penis on Wife’s Whiteboard Everyday for a Year

What Buzzfeed Quiz are you?

Comics with Unexpected Endings

Thanks to Dimple Vijaykumar, Sam Everard and  Beth Eaton for their contributions.

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