The Weekly Distraction #62


With all the tragedies in the world news this week we could all do with a bit of a distraction. Here’s a collection of some that aren’t all from the Oscars.

A Collection of Passive Aggressiveness



Benedict Cumberbatch Photo-Bombed U2 and the Internet Did its Thing

Leonardo Di Caprio Didn’t Get an Oscar and the Internet Continued it’s Thing

The Pope Dropped an Italian F-BOMB

This Guy is Not a Chef, but Managed to Get on Live TV as One

Yoga Pants Prank

Charlie Bit My Finger – Starring Meryl Streep, Tom Hanks and The Hemsworth Brothers
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Van Damme Space Splits

NASA’s Instagram is Better than Yours

Watch a Homeless Man Win a Scratch Card in this Random Act of Kindness
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What English Sounds Like to Non-English Speakers Plus Some Others
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When it’s NOT OKAY to Sing ‘Let It Go’

How they Made Frozen

Drink Driving Coma Prank NUMBER 2

Become the Singing Kitty You’ve Always Wanted to be

Commas Are Important

Thanks to Dimple Vijaykumar and Steven Osborne for their contributions.

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