The Weekly Distraction #63


 We’ve been doing this a while now so I feel I can be honest with you. Distractions should never be weekly, they should be daily. I urge you to take these morsels of procrastination below and let them inspire you to put replying to that e-mail off  for just one more hour. What’s the worst that could happen?

French Duo Have Some Towel Skills

What Happens When Two Strangers are Asked to Kiss Each Other

3 Year Old Gives Up Her Hair For Cancer Patients
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Chilling Video: Most Shocking Second a Day Video
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3 Year Old Argues Why He Deserves a Cupcake

Turns out Norwegians Will Help a Freezing 40 Year Old Man Too

Honest Catching Fire Trailer
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Old People Are Adorable

31 Random Movie Facts

Despicable Me 2 (Censored!)
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What if the Raptors in Jurassic Park were Cats?

20 Truly Upsetting Celebrity First-World Problems

British Themed Parties from Around the World

Argos Gets the Internet


Adorably Depressing Cartoons of Iconic Characters

Dogs Teach Us About Sharing

They Can Also Be Great Alarm Clocks

Golf Team Trick Shot

How to Impress in a Meeting

In Lieu of Soton Dominating Varsity this Week, Have a Look at Birmingham’s Questionable Lyrics in their Sports Promotion
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Thanks to Kerry Sclater and Steven Osborne for their contributions.

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