The Easter holidays are coming up and this can only mean one thing – the perfect opportunity to procrastinate. As a skilled and prestigious procrastinator, I present to you a list of things that a long evening trolling the internet has led me to believe I definitely want when the next loan payment comes through.

If you’re desperate for any of these, all the headings provide click through links, thoughtfully inserted to ruin your bank balance.

1. Stop stuffing your face plate

Stop stuffing your face plate


It’s halfway through semester two and ASDA has microwave pizza on offer. Everyone needs a little reminder that a family pack of chicken dippers isn’t a dinner you should make a habit of.

2. Slice of Pizza Sleeping Bag w/ Optional Veggie Pillows


(Source: Bfiberandcraft at

This isn’t exactly practical but it would probably fulfil a few peoples fantasies!

3. Ben & Jerrys Ice cream lock



Whether you need to keep it from that sneaky housemate or from yourself, this invention was a very good idea.

4. Googly Eyed Monster Ceramic Cookie and Milk Dunk Mug


(Source: InAGlaze at

No explanation needed.

5. Friendly Toilet Seat Reminder



Nobody wants a pooey toothbrush!

6. Luggage Scooter




No words describe how convenient this would be in all areas of life, and to be honest scooters are generally just timeless.

7. Weener Cleener Soap



There are no words.

8. The Doorbot Smartphone Doorbell




This would be perfect for those Saturday mornings when you’re lying in bed and you need to know whether that person at the door is the postman with excitable goodies or someone who wants to know your take on the meaning of life.

9. Colour-In Wallpaper



10. Bean Bag Hammock



Jesters hangovers just got a little bit bearable.

11. Subtle Butt: disposable gas neutralisers



We all know someone who would seriously benefit from this.

12. Breakfast sandwich maker



Yes please.

13. Comfort-U Total Body Pillow



A few people on tell him/her are in need of this.

 14. A shirt that stays clean after 100 days of wear



No more trips to the launderette!

15. Marshmallow Bazooka




Do I even need to explain why anyone would want this?

Found any other must-have items you probably don’t (but definitely do) need? Let us know in the comments.

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