The Weekly Distraction #64 – Animal Edition


Hi, I’m Hebe and I’ll be your distractor for today.

This week’s distraction is themed towards the joys and delights that come when animals and the interweb join forces. Some you’ll definitely know, some you might not have seen before, all will make you go like this:808

Firstly here are some things you didn’t know about animals


Some of the best cats in the world, ever


Hilarious Boston Terrier


Christian the Lion – an amazing story you need to see


The Penguin Dilemma – you need to see this too (less emosh)


The Notebook – Cat Parody


This cheeky Frenchman likes dressing up as a kangaroo


And a bat…


Cats Stealing Dog Beds


16 Dogs Who Tried Their Best But Didn’t Succeed (click photo)



How Animals Eat Their Food


Best Goat Vines


19 Very Important Photos of Benedict Cumberbatch With Kittens


Funny Dumb Dogs


Thanks to Hebe Neate-Clegg for her amazing contributions.

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