The Weekly Distraction #67 – Disney Edition


Hello there, Hebe again.

If you saw my recent procrastination-shaped shrine to all things adorable and furry then you’ll see I use the internet occasionally   spend rather a lot of time on the internet don’t have much of a social life. In this vein, here’s a compilation of some of your favourite Disney darlings… after the interweb has been let loose on them.

Let’s start with one of my all-time favourites, an interesting take on what happened “after all their dreams came true”


The Pixar Theory – this guy’s ideas on how the films all link together will blow your mind (click image)



What happens when everyone’s favourite academy award-winning Disney movie crosses with Google Translate?


What about what it would sound like if loads of other Disney characters sang it?


I’m afraid when I’m writing these, it will pretty much always come back to cats…


I’m a sucker for an a cappella medley


Like, I really like them…


For your fans of something a bit heavier…


Thanks to Hebe Neate-Clegg for her amazing contributions.

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