Not sure who’s the better candidate; here’s a brief recap of both Obama and Romney…

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Four years ago, Obama entered the White House on a wave of optimism and liberal promises. A term later and its a different story. In reality, Obama has achieved very little; domestically, it is only ‘Obamacare’ that has been a true step forward. On foreign policy, the president has also failed. He may be bringing Afghanistan to a close and ended the war in Iraq, but much of Bush’s post-9/11 security structure still exists. Guantánamo Bay remains very much open whilst he has sextupled the number of drone attacks of the Bush administration. The War On Terror is still very much alive; just on a far more secretive level.

Guantánamo Bay remains very much open whilst he has sextupled the number of drone attacks of the Bush administration.

It is the economy, however, which is most likely to cause his downfall with the US economic recovery the feeblest in the post-war era. Nonetheless, some feel that Obama has done well to stop the economic storm of his first year in office; the housing market looks on the mend and unemployment recently dipped below 8%. Many also blame Bush for the economic mess. The warning bells should still be ringing though; one-term presidents, George Bush Sr. and Jimmy Carter, were both ousted after a poor economic situation.

Dancing with Ellen DeGeneres, slowjaming with Jimmy Fallon, singing Al Green – Obama is Mr. Cool.

Yet, Obama retains one element that, for Romney, seems out of reach. In the era of PR politics, Obama is the dream candidate with a personality of sophistication, charisma and suaveness than cannot be taught; dancing with Ellen DeGeneres, slowjaming with Jimmy Fallon, singing Al Green – Obama is Mr. Cool. It may be this that pulls him through in the end.


It’s not been a easy ride for Romney; the clear Republican frontrunner, it took months of campaigning throw off his challengers, making him seem unwanted by his own party. Once chosen, Romney was accused of being out-of-touch with the American public; he did, after all, make a $10,000 bets whilst in a debate as well as accuse 47% of the US public of believing they are “victims”.

Diplomacy, it seems, is not his thing

Whether he is statesman-like has also been tested with a series of tactless gaffes overseas. He offended Britain by stating London wasn’t ready for the Olympics then blamed the economic difference between Israel and Palestine on “culture”. Diplomacy, it seems, is not his thing. This may not be backfire however; the recent killing in Benghazi has used as a tool to attack Obama’s “weak”  overseas stance. Obama may point to his killing of Osama Bin Laden as proof otherwise; yet, as an unapologetic believer in American exceptionalism, Romney is keen for a stronger global showing of US power.

Moreover, Romney’s position has been greatly enhanced by his showings in the presidential debate; presidential being the optimum word with Romney now sounding the part as much as looks it. Nevertheless – despite his vast business experience – Romney has yet to convince the US population that his plan of tax cuts and deregulation is a creditable alternative to turning around the economy. Obama may not be working economic miracles, but most believe Romney won’t be able to either. If he can convince the US voters that he can though, it will be a mormon occupying the oval office next year.

The US Presidential Election will be held on Tuesday 6th November. TODAY!

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