Sabbatical Hustings – Live Blog From Avenue Campus


Election SymbolHi, and welcome to the Sabbatical Hustings live from Avenue Campus!

We’re live-blogging the second Hustings event this week, following on from the Student Leader Hustings yesterday.

We’ve already been bringing you information and interviews with the Sabbatical candidates daily, with more to come. Here’s the full list of Sabbatical candidates.  

We saw the Presidential Candidates grilled at the Live Debate on Friday, and SUSUtv have been filming the other debates too, which can be seen HERE.

The Sabbatical Hustings are taking place in Avenue Cafe, on Avenue Campus, bringing elections and campaigning out of Highfield campus for the first time. Stick with us to find out more about your potential Sabbatical team.

Don’t forget to get involved! Comment below or join the conversation on Twitter with the hashtag #votesusu


That’s all for now, folks! We’re going to head off, full of free cake.


We’ll be covering the rest of the elections over the next few days so make sure you watch out for our factfiles, zone summaries and further live blogs!


Thanks everyone for tuning in to our live blog today, even if it didn’t go ahead! We’ll let you know if they get rescheduled to later this week.


An apology for today’s hustings proving impractical.

It was my expectation that the location would prove suitable, and that after receiving approval from the University catering service that the space would work OK for the hustings.

However, from the feedback I’ve received today’s hustings was unable to go on as the space proved impractical for such an event.

I’d like to give my apologies for this now, as this is my fault. Unfortunately due to a range of elections issues I have been dealing with this week I was unable to give this the time and attention it needed to be successful.

If there is a desire from candidates to provide something later on in the week I’m happy to support is facilitation.


Sam Ling has just posted a message on the event age on Facebook…


Anyway, we’d just like to thank all candidates for turning up and  giving us the opportunity to ask them questions.


We’re not sure that Avenue Cafe was the best place to organise the hustings, and that may be part of the problem.


All candidates turned up for the Hustings, and it is no reflection of their policies or attitude towards campaigning and the elections.


So it looks like the Avenue Hustings are no longer going ahead.


There are now complaints about the organisation, and people are now debating whether or not they’ll actually be going ahead.


Apologies everyone for the delay – we’re not really sure what’s going on, but we will keep you updated!


We’re hoping our batteries don’t run out before this thing starts. That would be awkward.


I love how any mention of elections can empty Avenue cafe, it was full 5 mins ago


Now that the cafe has emptied a little, it’s mainly campaign teams and the media teams left, with a few others dotted about.


mmm.. cake for lunch



We’ve now been joined by the Soton Tab team – and we’re all getting some free cake!  Not bad.


People in the Cafe are being told that Sabb Hustings are taking place, cue some awkward faces


There’s movement. Shane now has a megaphone….looks like its about to start.


There are a few complaints on twitter now about the absence of these alleged hustings. Hopefully they’ll get started soon.


Rumour has it that there’ll be a huge Harlem Shake occurring in place of the hustings, but we’ll keep you posted on that one!


There seems to be a stall being set up for free fairtrade flapjacks and muffins…could be a good way to pass the time while we wait for something to actually happen!


Avenue has so far escaped the elections but now the elections have come to them! Sorry Humanities students.


Ooooh. Something’s happening. Adam Moloney has a megaphone.


Candidates and their teams are currently having lunch. David Martin, VP DCI Candidate, seems to be enjoying his Kettle Chips!


Still no sign of anything official! We’ll let you know as soon as anything starts….


Editor Ellie Sellwood has joined us!


Things are getting busier now, but that could just be people leaving lectures…we’re still waiting for anything official-looking.


We’re not really sure what’s going on at the moment….there’s no sign of any hustings, only some candidates and their campaign teams wandering around with food. Hopefully something will happen soon…


Hi everyone and welcome to the Avenue Campus Sabbatical  Hustings! If you couldn’t be here at Avenue Campus today we’ll be keeping you up to date with what’s going on.


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