This week David Cameron has announced a series of moves, promotions and demotions in a Conservative cabinet reshuffle.

One of the biggest moves was that of Michael Gove, from Education Secretary to Chief Whip. Gove, who’s educational reforms have never been short of controversial, hasn’t been popular among teachers. Here are some of the best responses from Tuesday’s announcement.

1. The creator of the Vine of Michael Gove falling over.

Here’s it again with some comedy sound effects.

Download Video from YouTube | Convert to MP3 | Replay Media Catcher


2. This tweeter

Who shared a link to a site where people can ‘Slap Gove’



3. The inventor of the #DingDongGoveisGone hastag


4. These dogs

Not technically people, but who can resist dogs in party hats?

5. This child

6. Mrs Moat


7. The researcher who found this article from Gove’s time at University


8. These students


9. Nusrath’s teacher


11. This mature education worker


12. An photoshopper and House of Cards fan who works at the Huffington Post


13. And then there was The Queen

This twitter account is held by the 100% by the Queen and definitely not a parody account.

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