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LGBT Network gains public presence on Facebook & plans LGBT History Month

Amy Ashenden presents the first instalment of the Wessex Scene’s new LGBT series…

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Malaysian Government Performing Seminars to Teach Parents and Teachers How to Spot Gay Kids

School-age children are in serious danger of labelling and victimisation as the Malaysian government begins …

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Kill the Gays – A Fight Against Ugandan Oppression

Uganda, formerly known as Kampala, was a colony of the British Empire and recognised the …

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Brighton Pride Review

 Pride began at 11am on Saturday with an entertaining parade of various marchers and floats …

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Campaign started for a Southampton Pride event

With a new campaign created online, there is hope for a yearly gay Pride event in Southampton city. Uganda marched this summer- so should we!

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Two Gay Jamaicans Contest The Island’s Homophobic Laws

Two gay Jamaicans have launched a legal fight to challenge the island’s homophobic laws in …

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Media Highlights Worrying Trend Of Gay Conversion Therapy

Gay Conversion Therapy is investigated, as the phenomenon proves to be rife amongst young American LGBTs and is threatened to make its way to the UK.

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Obama’s Promise for LGBT Equality Rivals Mitt Romney’s Shocking Policies

Who will LGBT Americans vote for in the upcoming elections? Becky Deveau discusses the policies of the top two contenders.

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Outraged Cardinal Keith O’Brien Wins Bigot Of The Year Award

Cardinal Keith O’Brien was voted Bigot of the Year Award at a ceremony run by LGBT charity Stonewall on Thursday evening, after controversy provoked amongst Catholic leaders who demanded Barclays and Coutts withdraw sponsorship over the category.

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Homophobia in the UK?

The recent stories we’ve heard from around the world about the LGBT rights struggle sound a …

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