Author: Constantin Pläcking

Opinion 2

What is it that makes a someone flee his country? What makes a them trust a facilitator? What makes a human being board an overcrowded nutshell to cross the sea? The reasons for this probably are different for every individual but they all must be devastating.

Opinion 4

Edward Snowden is on the run. And the US Government is trying everything it can to discredit him. But what he did should have a great value to our society. It gives us knowledge about what the government is doing bechind closed doors.

Pause 0

With the Champinions Leauge Final being an all-German one in Wembley, British media will come up with some very nice headlines. I tried my best as well. Read and enjoy.

Opinion 9

The Eurovision Song Contest is over. But Constantin Placking was not satisfied with the results. Why did Sweden win? Also find out about a political statement about human rights you probably did not notice when watching the show.