Author: James Moseley

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The political world map is one very familiar to us all, but you’ll find it looks a lot different if each country is sorted by the most popular sport of that country. James Moseley takes a look at this “sporting globe”.

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James Moseley fills you in on all you need to know if your planning to stay up until stupid o’clock on a Sunday night to see who will be crowned this year’s champion of the Super Bowl.

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As part of Wessex Scene’s coverage of Women in Sports week, we will be bringing you an exclusive interview each day from just a few of the many talented women we have competing in a wide range of sports here at Southampton.

Credit: SUSU
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On this final day of Union Southampton’s Women in Sport week, we will be bringing you all the live action going on at Wide Lane this afternoon.

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With Union Southampton’s “Women in Sport Week” going on, now is a good time to have a look at the kind of pay that women in sport receive and what methods are being put in place to get ever closer to women being able to depend entirely on their sport for their livelihood like many of their male counterparts do.