Farewell, Kinki.


Love it or hate it, Kinki is finally coming to an end this coming Friday, after five years of the Cube’s answer to a Friday night. Despite being full to capacity for many nights in previous years, number have dropped significantly, rendering the advertising attempts such as the bill board poster that was in Portswood insufficient to bring numbers back up to a high.

Jamie Ings, having been in charge of Media and Comms for 2009/2010, explains that, after an unsuccessful attempt of being replaced with ‘Yo Mamma’, ‘Kinki never picked up to be as busy as it did in previous years’, with numbers being ‘particularly low’ at the end of year 2008/2009.

Rather than attempting another rebrand, marketing strategies were instead changed. The introduction of a VIP area and discounts for large groups did increase numbers up to an exent. However, numbers were still not up to a sufficient standard, a difficult challenge considering the Cube’s 1700 capacity. Jamie points out that this ample capacity means that, although Kinki was seemingly not very busy at times, ‘numbers have been above that of Jesters and Sobar- sometimes combined!’, illustrating the task of making a night at the Cube sell out.

He then adds, when asked of the future of Friday nights at the Cube, that ‘we realised we would need to get JCRs behind the brand’, as well as noting that ‘student input was of huge importance’ to keeping things ‘fresh and in-date’. This led to ‘the input of around 40 students at events forum’, most of which are JCRs, as well as the informal involvement of many other students. The 40 students play a crucial role, as they will be selecting what they believe to be the ‘best bits’ from an array of between four and five potential new brands for a Friday night. This means that they will ‘effectively create the new Friday night for next year’, an exciting prospect indeed.


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