SUSU Sabbatical Review – Have Your Say!


SUSU and the Wessex Scene are teaming up to find out what you think our Union Sabbaticals should be doing. With students keener than ever to have their say, we want to know what roles YOU think our sabbaticals should be fulfilling.

Do you think SUSU needs a Commercial Services Officer?

Or would that role be better performed by an experienced employer?

Should the role of Welfare and Societies be split between two sabbaticals?

Or should the role stay under the remit of one?

Is there room for a Post Graduate and International Students Sabbatical?

Does SUSU media need to find better ways to reach you?

Leave your thoughts and more here or visit to see what others have already said.


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    The SUSU Sabbatical Review is nearly back underway. After quickly settling in and a hectic handover period, the new Sabbs and Exec are ready to discuss the review and assess the current structure of the Sabbatical and Executive roles within SUSU.

    We are due to have our opening discussions tomorrow (Friday 23rd July) and will hopefully have lots to report in the coming weeks.

    This will not be a decision made by purely officers of the Union, anyone can have their say and forums like the Wessex Blog, and in particular will be crucial for you to have YOUR say on the Sabbatical Review. Please do get involved.

    So, get blogging, tell us what Sabbatical you feel is missing, or what area of the Union needs more representation through Officers…We are all ears!

    Thank you,

    Billy FitzJohn
    Union President

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