A Hunter _____ a Bear. The Brilliant new form of Advertising from Tipp-Ex


Has the way advertising works changed forever? We have already seen Interactive adverts, like the zombie pizza game, from Hell Pizza Australia, and a game involving Keeley and Lynx with Neil from the In-betweeners for added fun measure, but nothing – and I am going to repeat myself for clarity, nothing is as cool as the new Tipp-Ex advert.

Viewers are given a conundrum as to whether to shoot the bear or not, but regardless of your choice, what follows is possibly the most ridiculous, hilarious, enjoyable and spontaneous thing to do as a procrastination. Forget Google Pacman, this is a tour de force of entertainment.

I won’t spoil the different options there are, safe to say there are at least 50, so get creative with the things you would want to do with a bear! Either way, Tipp-Ex have just raised the bar in commercial interactive advertising.


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