A look at SUSU’s Campaigning Efforts Against Cuts to Higher Education


A lot has been said about SUSU’s attempts to battle the cuts against higher education; some people are extremely impressed with their Union’s approach others are less so; some think they should have had an involvement with the latest national demonstrations, some disagree; some don’t believe they should even be fighting it all. Either way, it is important to know what your students’ union is actually doing.

SUSU has been standing up to the cuts and increases to tuition fees since August. We have been co-ordinating our work with Solent and Winchester University to ensure that we are as effective as possible within our local area.

Thousands of pounds was spent subsidising transport for 250 students to attend the Demo:lition event on 10/11/10 in London. Their participation is believed to have been entirely peaceful and saw SUSU collaborate on a national level with Unions from around the country voicing their views.

Recently, SUSU took a group of students up to Romsey to peacefully demonstrate outside the office of Caroline Nokes MP. The protesters received a surprising amount of public support and sympathy for their campaigning efforts. Students also went to Eastleigh to peacefully demonstrate against Chris Huhne MP (lib dem) for breaking his tuition fee pledge.

The Union has also been assisting students in writing to their local MPs, for their University and for their home addresses. Over 200 letters were due to be sent this weekend, many more have already been sent.

VP Academic Affairs, Rob Stanning delivered a petition to Caroline Nokes MP of 1,160 students from her constituency that oppose government proposals. The gathering of signatures was gathered by Stanning alongside a team of volunteers. Stanning has been lobbying the 8 MPs that serve our campuses since August on this issue.

Do you think SUSU have done enough to support the fight against cuts to Higher Education? Or should they not be doing it all? Let us know your thoughts below.


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    Writing letters and petitions is all very well – but protests are also needed to ensure that resistance to the cuts is visible and effective. Demonstrating outside MPs’ offices is a good idea, but if SUSU had organised action (or worked with the existing demonstrations) on the national day of action, it would have attracted national media attention and shown solidarity with the protests across the country.

    I suggest sceptics should check out the excellent David Mitchell:


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    No mention of the protests last Wednesday that SUSU refused to back then (apparently over lack of gaurantees of speakers and motives, although the organisers say they did give these assurances). This article seems rather biased towards just how super SUSU is – a bit more critical thought from the Wessex Scene would be nice!


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