‘Any Dream Will Do’ Theatre Star Impresses Mayflower Audience


Daydream Believer and Whitestripes’ Seven Nation Army are an unlikely choice of songs to be heard  from one concert, but this is a glimpse of the exciting range covered on Sunday 6th February in An Evening with Lee Mead, at the Mayflower Theatre.

The successful singer, who found fame through Andrew Lloyd Webber’s reality show ‘Any Dream Will Do’, proved that he still oozes charisma and stage presence enough to effortlessly blow away the predominantly female audience.

Lee burst onto the stage to Paint it Black, which he covered beautifully in his first album. Throughout the evening, the audience were singing and swaying along to an eclectic mix, including hits from both his albums and theatre performances, one of which being ‘Wicked’, which he had finished the previous evening.

In between toe-tapping songs, the audience was thoroughly entertained as Lee revealed interesting anecdotes from his fascinating life. Within minutes he had the audience laughing over the coincidence that it was in fact Southampton where his career started. He also handled the odd jokey shout from the audience very well.

To everyone’s surprise, there were several brief appearances from Niamh Perry, a runner-up contestant from sister show I’d Do Anything. Although she provided a pleasant performance, the atmosphere livened up immediately as soon as Lee darted back onto the stage showing-off his dance moves. Daydream Believer was his closing number.

Speaking to fans, it became clear that Lee has a devoted network of admirers, one of whom gushed that she had seen Lee in ‘Wicked’ an impressive eight times and that she planned to see this show once more, having already seen it twice.

After the show, there was an autograph signing, during which Lee was friendly and talkative everyone, proving down-to-earth and lovely amidst an excited crowd of swooned fans.


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