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Charlie ‘The Tash’ Torrible

Charlie’s Full Manifesto


Jess Staff

Slogan: ‘Staff Only’

I believe I am the candidate with the best combination of experience, approachability, visibility and dedication to SUSU. My manifesto is highly researched, having spent months consulting students from various cohorts and the relevant university and union staff. It is effectively written by the students, but is also fundamentally feasible.

Our union is a business, but it’s also a union – OUR union. At the crux of my manifesto therefore is a belief that it should be led, and reflective, of our students.

In summary, my aims would be to:

– bring SUSU to the forefront of technology
– optimise library space and facilities
– ensure Union Council is clearly advertised, accessible and engaging
– produce regular video blogs, host a weekly ‘Sabb Surgery’ and have a strong physical presence on all sites
– create an e-Petition system on the SUSU website
– focus on enhancing student employability

Jess’ Full Manifesto


Jazz Sherman

Jazz’s Full Manifesto


Derek Mallinson

Derek’s Full Manifesto


‘Uncle’ Sam Ling

Slogan: ‘Vote Uncle Sam’.

We have an incredibly diverse population in our students union, from post grads to internationals, part timers to students who study away from the main campus, and I want a Union that is truly thinking of everyone. It’s not about offering the same support and services to everyone, but offering the same quality of support, and the services you need. My manifesto has looked into every area of our student community, and is based on hundreds of conversations with students and student group. Every single idea has come from a student, and that is the way it should be.

I am also offering you a president with almost 5 years of experience working with the Union, the University, and the wider community. Experience is what will allow me to deliver on every promise that I am making to you.

So for a President who’s speaking your language, Vote Uncle Sam.

Sam’s Full Manifesto


Charlotte ‘Charlsberg’ Davison

Slogan: ‘SUSU don’t make presidents but if they did…they would look like this.’

Every student should know exactly what they are entitled to get from the University and exactly how to get it. Every student should have an acceptable number of contact hours and time to see their tutor. Every student should be protected from bad landlords and every student should have access to revision space at exam time!

These are just a few of the things I would love to do if given the opportunity to be your Students’ Union President. Vote Charlotte ‘Charlsberg’ Davison to get all of these things. Don’t settle for second best, don’t settle for less than you deserve, DO vote to get exactly what you want.

Vote Charlotte ‘Charlsberg’ Davison, probably the best candidate in the world…

Charlotte’s Full Manifesto


Alex Cunningham

Alex’s Full Manifesto


Aaron Bali

I want to make tangible change around the Students’ Union which can be felt by all students.

I want to make Council Tax exemption go online automatically, straight to the council, in order to save students a lot of time and hassle, as well as streamlining things for the council. I want to do a cost-benefit analysis of running the safety bus in Portswood, so that we can ensure our students have a cheap and safe way of getting home, while also keeping the area quiet for local residents. I also want to consult with groups of students that typically don’t get involved with the Union and see what we can do for them – groups such as postgraduates, international students, women, students of ethnic minorities and students at sites.

There’s much more in my manifesto and it’s all available online, so please do check it out. I’ve got the experience (as an exec and trustee of the Union) and the drive, so if you want to see some real change, please vote for Aaron Bali.

Aaron’s Full Manifesto

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