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Dax Wood

Slogan: ‘Who would? Dax Wood.’

My manifesto is all about putting the power to run your union back into your hands, to get your opinion across as simply and easily as possible, and ensuring that no matter what campus you are on or what you study, you know what your union can do for you.

So, how would I achieve this? I would make sure that you have a sabbatical team that are easily accessible, both face to face and on social media networks. I would implement a system that means all the most important decisions go online within 24 hours, and I would boost SUSU’s presence on SUSSED so when you log on to check your emails, have a look at your timetable or find our your results, you can see exactly what your union can do for you.

So don’t forget. Who would? Dax Wood.  daxwood.co.uk

Dax’s Full Manifesto


Dan Webb

Slogan: ‘wevotedanwebb.comm’

SUSU is not providing our sports clubs with the recognition they deserve. I want to elect press officers and train them so they know how to use SUSU media.

SUSU is not offering enough people the opportunity to get involved in student media. I want to bring media out of SUSU and to the masses.

SUSU is failing our students in Winchester. I want to bid to develop a media centre in Winchester and provide them with the same training and opportunities as our Southampton students.

SUSU is unsuccessfully communicating with outside businesses and stakeholders. I aim to develop a succinct corporate message.

SUSU has the facilities and potential to become the centre of national student media. I want to hold a ‘National Conference for Student Media’.

My campaign is direct and its jargon free. I know the problems we face and I know HOW to fix them.

Vote Dan Webb For Comms.

Dan’s Full Manifesto


Hayley ‘Hay’ Taulbut

Slogan: ‘Have your say, vote for Hay’

SUSU should be there for you, so why does it consistently fall short of many students’ expectations? By letting you have your say, we can create bigger and better union events that actually suit your expectations and needs. Furthermore, SUSU should be there to support your clubs and societies. Increasing media coverage and marketing support for all clubs and societies will ensure that every one continues to thrive, that every event you run sells out, with every achievement getting celebrated and documented.

Lastly, I want to ensure that our media departments are relevant, inspiring and award winning, by pushing them to try new things, and giving them freedom to be cutting edge and critical. They need to be easy to get involved with; ensuring access stretches across all campuses and sites, including Winchester, NOC, Southampton General Hospital etc. It is your students’ union, so have your say, and vote for Hay.

Hayley’s Full Manifesto


Joe ‘Mclovin’ Mclo

Slogan: ‘McLovin it’

If you elected me I would focus on:

– Creating an online event guide covering all society and club events, not just those in the SUSU building.

– Communicating AU sport results, fixtures and achievements as well as promoting big games.

– Working with the heads of the media departments to create more student focused independent media. This would give student journalists more freedom to critically evaluate union decisions, in order to hold your union and the decisions taken to account.

– Making SUSU more transparent, ensuring that minutes are updated regularly and the Sabbs write detailed reports on major changes to your union.

– Representing you as a body of 25,000 students to external bodies and companies to fight for your causes and issues.

Joe’s Full Manifesto

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