150: VP Academic Affairs


Sasha Watson

Slogan: ‘Who do you vote for VP Academic Affairs? Elementary my dear, you vote Watson’

Next year will be vital for Academia, given that the University wants to increase tuition fees to the upper end of the £9k cap. For a top 20 University, I feel it really under performs in a lot areas; having researched my manifesto by talking to School Presidents, course reps and normal students – there are a lot of areas for improvement.

I have 5 key policies that look to tackle the 5 key areas that I’ve highlight in my manifesto:

+ No to 8am lectures, no to lectures till 8pm

+ Open access to module evaluation results

+ Minimum requirements for tutor support

+ More library desks with plug sockets

+ Careers Fairs for each Faculty

Sasha’s Full Manifesto


Sami ‘Simples’ Stephenson

Sami’s Full Manifesto


Jonathan ‘J.D’ Davies

Slogan: ‘J.D. Just what the doctor ordered.’

I propose to increase the provision of exam time revision spaces and the advertising of these spaces
for students across campus, utilising the common learning spaces and facilities unused during exams
to provide students with a larger range of study areas.

I will back the student voice and lobby against lectures outside of the standard teaching hours of
9am to 6pm. It is unfair to expect students to be in at 8am in the morning and to stay that late at
night. Unless other provisions such as security, transport and food outlets must be made available.

With the rise in tuition fees, I want to increase the transparency of the costs we pay; showing the
break down to students so that they can decide if the university is spending their money effectively
and in the areas they want. This would follow through the existing Values Proposition.

Jonathan’s Full Manifesto

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