150: VP Student Engagement


Daz Newland

Slogan: ‘Daz, finally a bloke you can believe in!’

Our Student Volunteers need to be RECOGNISED!
If elected, I plan to introduce an online system that an individual can log all their Union activities and responsibilities on. Upon Graduation, we could provide a personalised letter, to each volunteer, listing all their Union achievements and skills, and thanking them for their hard work.
We can all work to INTEGRATE our Union!
If elected, I plan to encourage all of our Engagement departments to work together to produce a festival at our halls; open to the public, especially local residents, to prove to them that student culture has much more to it than alcohol.
Most importantly we should be PROUD of our Union!
By offering the above and more, I want every student to be proud of our Union. I to talk to friends, and regardless of their personal involvement, boast about our Union, and our engaged students.

Daz’s Full Manifesto


Shane Theodore Murphy

Slogan: ‘No Shane, no gain’

I’m a third year Maths student and I am applying for VP Student Engagement because I want to make a real difference to Students lives.

I want to create a ‘Yellow Pages’ for social secs, which includes contact information and pre-arranged deals for clubs and activities within Southampton. I want to bring RAG to the forefront of student life by getting it involved with students from day one at university. I want to make every fresher’s first year in halls the best ever through development of inter-halls activities and more inclusive events. I want to conduct a review of the underwriting process of the PAU. And finally I want to get more people involved in Student Enterprise, as we are one of the best in the country at it!

Shane’s Full Manifesto


Adam Moloney

Slogan: ‘More Charity, More Fun, More Ninja Turtles’

I want students to enjoy university life to its ultimate potential from the moment they step foot into Southampton. Fresher’s fair will be neat and organised, with every society given a chance to communicate without everyone.

Every society will count, each considered individually in terms of budget and resources, with a sufficient amount provided to carry out fundamental activities. RAG input and output will be dramatically increased, with more opportunities for all students to get involved on both a causal and committed basis. This leads to more engagement for the students, and it goes to a great cause.

Any issue you might have, any problem, or worry, or concern, I’ll be there to listen and, should you need it, give you a hug.

Adam’s Full Manifesto


Akhil Gowrinath

Slogan: SUSU better prepare for Akhil Gowrinath

The last few years have been the best of my life and it’s all been to do with SUSU. I want to give back something and make a difference so that students in years to come will have the best student experience ever. As a Union, we are amazing and as far as I’m concerned, we have to keep growing and growing and I would feel incredibly privileged to be part of the team that does this. I would like to be the first VP Student Engagement, as this is the part of the union that I enjoy the most. Below are some key points of my manifesto.

JCRS: More funding for private rented JCR.
Societies: Re-structure the budget system.
RAG: More awareness and ownership of RAG for freshers.
Student Enterprise: More Student Enterprise projects within the union.
Performing Arts: A performance space within 3 years.

Thanks for reading!

Vote Akhil!

Akhil’s Full Manifesto

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