150: VP Welfare and Communities


Ryo Tabusa

Ryo’s Full Manifesto


Frankie ‘says relax’ Fry

Slogan: ‘Frankie Says Relax’

I feel passionately that every student should be able to have a great time at university and feel confident in the knowledge that any welfare concerns they have will be addressed successfully.  I will achieve this by:

Advocating students rights in private rented accommodation, making sure that students don’t have to tolerate sub-standard housing.  I will do this by lobbying landlords, creating a policy that sets out the standards SUSU expects in private rented houses and ensuring students know their rights.

Integrating international and home students by working with international and religious societies, supporting them in the events they already run and introducing events whereby both international and home students learn about each other’s culture.

Building good relationships with the community by encouraging our student groups to volunteer in the local community and making this reciprocal, encouraging the community to support SUSU’s talent.

Frankie’s Full Manifesto


Emily Eldridge

Slogan: ‘Wild for your Welfare’

A keen, motivated student who would like to make a meaningful contribution to the welfare of Southampton students! A few brief points in my manifesto are: I would proactively work on radically improving the SASSH website, furthermore make this a central location to search for housemates; therefore reducing flyering of adverts usually plastered over toilet doors and faculty buildings.

Secondly, I would introduce what I call JCR ‘adoption’, which is encouraging JCRs of halls to invite private rented freshers to their events in an effort to decrease the stress of making friends en mass in one week when they don’t live in halls.

Thirdly, students arrive at university with varying levels of sexual education, I would arrange fun and informative Sexual Health and Guidance (SHAG)events as it is important students know how to keep themselves safe if their levels of sexual activity increases.

Emily’s Full Manifesto

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