150: VP Winchester and Sites


Sophie Rakow

Slogan: ‘Vote Rakow!’ 

Being a student on the Winchester School of Art campus means I have a first hand view of how it feels to be on one of the sites isolated from the main Highfield campus.  I want to work closely with the students from all of the satellite sites in order to improve everybody’s university experience.

I will represent you!  My aim is to get equality for all sites by taking into account all of your specific needs.

I believe that all of the sites should have the student village style atmosphere that is created on Highfield.

The key to this will be getting to know you personally, to find out what it is you really need and want to change.

I will not just be sat in Winchester; you will be seeing me personally on a regular basis and it is this that I hope will persuade you to VOTE RAKOW!

Sophie’s Full Manifesto 


Simon ‘Says’ Protheroe

Simon’s Full Manifesto


Joe Ellis

Joe’s Full Manifesto

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