Ten years on.


An entire decade has passed since the atrocities of that Tuesday morning, a normal morning as it seemed initially for the millions of New Yorkers. This changed rapidly within minutes. 19 Al-Quaeda terrorists hijacked four planes, two of which targeted the twin towers which within seconds caused devastation. The third plane crashed into the Pentagon, where the American Defence department lies. Fortunately, the target for the fourth plane was not able to be reached as passengers took control of flight 93, instead heading for a small field in Pennsylvania.

These attacks caused nearly 3,000 deaths and at least 6,000 injuries. Fathers, mothers, daughters and sons, loved ones lost. Ten years on and with the killing of Al Quaeda leader Osama Bin Laden, we can only hope to find safety. But as these attacks show, nothing is certain. There have been various terror threats to both New York City and Washington DC, including warning of a car bomb plot, intending to focus on bridges and tunnels in the city. With the status of these anticipated attacks as ‘credible’, US intelligence are in process of confirming these threats. Al Quaeda have focused on specific dates, September the 11th 2011 being one of them; perhaps anticipated by some as the USA being under a lot of threat. It appears however that the US government are taking action responsibly.


With various conspiracies suggesting that the US government was to blame (perhaps due to the widespread (at least for Democrats and environmentalists in favour of Al Gore) hatred for Bush at the time), America seemed doomed. President George W Bush was in a second grade class in an elementary school in Florida at the time; Andrew Card, his chief of staff having to tell him the shocking news of the second plane hitting the world trade centre. Bush responded to this better than others would assume; the creation of the US department of Homeland Security and no further terrorist attacks (yet!) on America. George W Bush. to quote: ‘Who would do this to America?’, my source being an interview for ‘National Geographic’ to which Bush appeared clearly surprised by the attack, along with the rest of us. Ten years later, with credit to Fox News, we hear from these children who attended this very elementary school in Florida, who are now at high school. One memorable quote, to which a boy asserted in favour of Bush – ‘what good would it have done if he would had left immediately and panicked?’

A decade on and we still fear Al Quaeda, although with President Obama’s credit of Osama Bin Laden’s killing earlier on this year and no major terrorist threats, we have found at least some safety. This day (the eleventh) in 2011 will be epitomized by grief and memories throughout both America and the entire world. An entire decade passed with sadness. In the words of George W Bush: ‘Who would do this to America?’.

With the estimated $3 million project the ‘One World Trade Centre’, nicknamed ‘The Freedom Tower’ being built currently, with its opening being in 2013, Americans will continually remember that gloomy day that affected so many people. The current project on the whole is five new skyscrapers in memorial of lives being lost with a memorial centre being opened on Monday 12th September. May we still think of those lives lost as another decade goes by.


I'm Alison and I'm 19 years old. I study Politics and International Relations at Southampton University. I'm interested in politics and current affairs. In my spare time, I like seeing my friends, playing sport and having a good time.

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    I think that although nicely crafted this article is too dependant on the media as its source of truth. Conspiracy theories have much merit, I implore you to watch this short video with a straight forward, valid argument as to why the media story may be inaccurate or complete lies.



    Alison Gunn

    Thanks for your input and the video! I do agree with you but I guess too many of us are dependent on the media as it’s a good source.

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