TG Fresher’s Play – You Can’t Take It With You: Reviewed


Never before have I seen a play so utterly random, but at the same time wonderfully compelling as Theatre Group’s rendition of You Can’t Take it With You. Both visually hilarious and just plain weird, the performance by Theatre Group was excellent, with a lively set, and dialogue that is pure comedy gold.

The show was, however, stolen by Tom Sterle, the Grandpa of Alice Sycamore (Alisa Stewart), who is engaged to marry the wealthy and ‘normal’ Tony Kirby (Joe Hart). But when the two families meet, the engagement is forced off by the young Kirby’s parents, the well cast Robin Johnson and Annie Partridge, who find Alice’s family far too mad. Sterle had excellent comic timing and confidence on the stage that had everyone laughing.

The other characters were also well portrayed, and the costumes were perfectly in keeping with the 1930s era of the play. There was good use of the stage in The Annex Theatre, and excellent movement within the set, so the play never felt stagnant.

The production allowed for an interesting array of accents, from the Russian Kolenkhov (Dom Latache) to the Italian De Pinner (Ben George), and displayed Theatre Group’s talent of casting and acting magnificently. Directed by Lee Alexander and Alexander Curtis, with the assistance of Tom Wilson, the acting was lively and entertaining, allowing for excellent comedy. A step away from Theatre Group’s usually dark and gory plays, but one which they have much potential for, and one I hope they will continue to experiment with.

‘You Can’t Take It With You’ is on at the Annexe Theatre until 3rd December. For more info visit Facebook.


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