The Wonder of the Christmas Jumper


Perhaps the most famous of Christmas Jumpers...

It’s simple. I just love a good Christmas jumper. But quite frankly, who doesn’t? After undertaking thorough and detailed research in Southampton’s City Centre…as well as a rather large amount of shopping…I can conclude that, despite the rubbish weather and increased chance of catching hypothermia, winter is definitely the best season for clothing. Try telling that to my bank balance, though.


Seriously, Christmas jumpers are amazing, purely because there are just no limits, for both the males and females amongst us. A quick glance around such high end stores as Primark, H&M, or even the noticeably more expensive Topshop (£50 for a beaded vest, really?) informs me that the sparkly, patterned, sometimes fluffy Crimbo jumper is definitely all the range. Some of my personal favourites included the bright red Father Christmas/Reindeer/Snowman slogan jumpers from Primark, as well as the massive variety of knitted scarves and bobble hats the majority of the student population in Southampton seemed to be wearing. One of the observations I found pretty amusing was how other stores go for the ‘Christmassy yet stylish’ vibe. If anyone has seen the Jack Wills catalogue then you’ll know what I mean: (unfortunately) we can’t all frolic about in £120 Arran sweaters with our beautiful model boyfriends in (fake) snow, but we can dream…

On the contrary, I’m of the opinion that if you’re going to buy a festive jumper, you may as well go the whole hog, as it were, and generally make an idiot out of yourself. Who cares about the embarrassment!? Given enough sherry on Christmas day and frankly you won’t care.

One of the other key features of a Christmas jumper is how they make you feel. I myself am guilty of mass-jumper purchasing; I could have stopped at one, but instead I bought three. ‘Three jumpers? But you’re a poor student!’ I hear you cry. The thing is…they’re so overly wearable, I just couldn’t resist, and by wearing them (yes I know it’s only November), I really can’t help but to dream about mince pies and mulled wine. Admittedly my jumpers are devoid of huge red reindeers or comedy Christmas puddings; I’ve gone for the kind of Christmas jumper where I can casually pretend that IT IS NOT a Christmas jumper after Boxing Day/before December 1st and still get away with wearing it well into April. My two newly acquired over-sized, sparkly, woolly jumpers are the best things to fall asleep in during a Geomorphology lecture, and the gold short sleeved top doubles up as both an ideal thing to wear on Christmas day. You may say I’m contradicting myself by not going for the typical Christmas slogan, but I hasten to add that it is an ideal item of clothing to wear to Sobar as the evenings become rather chillier.

All in all, the Christmas jumper is just one of the many wonderful things about Christmas. They’re versatile, warm, festive, and go with just about anything… and when we’re all stuffing our faces with turkey (or nut roast, for the veggies amongst us), we can breathe out without anybody noticing the difference! Merry Christmas!


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