Property Advice: Where To Get It


For students looking into renting a house in 2012, help is at hand in more ways than one. Run by second and third year law student volunteers, the Southampton University Housing Clinic is an big part of the Pro Bono initiatives offered by the School.

The clinic, with assistance from Barristers at 12CP Chambers in Southampton, operates as a “citizens’ advice-style” housing clinic, providing free consultation for any University of Southampton students requiring advice on renting property.

Founded in 2009, each year the clinic offers a helping hand in issues involving private rented accommodation, be it Freshers searching for alternatives to halls or those moving out of their current houses into new ones.

With appointments held monthly in the School of Law on Highfield Campus, clinics revolve around the work of a select group of students and staff, in particular lecturer Liz Williams, all of whom ensure things keep running smoothly.

Alternatively, it’s possible to turn to the internet if you’re in need of some advice on your housing predicament. The website Student Property compiles reviews of student houses around Southampton from the people who lived there last year, with informal, down-to-earth accounts of what they’re actually like.

Free to use, and written by students for students, comments appear instantly on the website, helping prospective tenants make better choices when looking for good housing.

The list of properties included is small, but growing, and as well as an invaluable font of knowledge if you’re looking for a house, it’s also a perfect forum to vent spleen about sub-standard accommodation and difficult landlords.

For advice on housing or more information email or check out Student Property Gossip here.


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