My Speed Dating Experience


As Valentine’s day fast approaches, love is in the air and couples are all snuggled up, but where do sexy singletons go to meet prospective bachelors and bachelorettes? Speed Dating of course! On Saturday 11th, RAG held their annual Speed Dating event in which…well it’s quite self-explanatory: you go, you sit, you chat, you fall in love or you move on. A simple concept, yet the idea of it strikes fear in the hearts of many would be valentines, so how did RAG fare in their attempt at being Cupid?

Admittedly, I was very sceptical at first: a group of singletons, who were free on a Saturday night, shoved together and forced to talk sounds…just riveting. However, despite my cynicism, the night was actually really enjoyable, with a many laughs and lots of money raised for charity. Split into two groups, the girls and guys rotated around the room trying to find their soul mates in the minute allocated. To provide a bit of Dutch courage, The Bridge served up two cocktails, the names chosen by punters themselves, so any nervous daters or awkward moments could be helped with either the Chicoland or Sex Panther, which both went down a treat. The night was a laugh and a great way to meet new people, with RAG supplying some “helpful” advice topics to keep conversation flowing: “Did I have you at hello?” “How do you like your eggs in the morning?” and “I have the moves like Jagger” were just a few of the funny and clearly important subjects tackled in the quest for love.

Thankfully, most people didn’t seem to need these as conversations were cut short by the minute deadline, but I did manage to catch parts of some deep, soul connecting discussions: “Don’t tease me with your Sex Panther!” “That’s my boyfriend over there”, “You are looking Scrumalicious” and possibly the best, “I like anime porn”. Although fake names and jokes were spread, there were some displays of hitting it off and shameless flirtation, some people even got bought a drink.

After the courting came the auction, where dates and singletons became lots, with the money bid going to RAG’s chosen charities. With a range of dates from a meal at the “Slug and Lettuce” to a free “Subway”, the heat was on. I have full respect to the guys and girls who valiantly agreed to be auctioned off, and as the bidding increased so did the laughs. The “auctionees” generally got a great reception, with the odd exception, and raised money for a worthy cause. However, the main bid was an exclusive viewing of a film of your choice to you and whoever you wanted at Union films on Valentine’s night. Bidding was competitive and eventually sold for £23; a fair few bob for a student!

Overall, I started dreading the idea, but ended happy I went; laughs were shared, friends were made and even some numbers were swapped (whether they were real or not is another story!). A worthy cause and a great night, well done RAG for making Cupid proud with a hilarious and love filled evening.


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